Recent Works

A collection of my most recent pieces.


Urban Landscapes

After spotting what I call an “urban landscape,” I often find myself in a mild state of arrest.


Textured Assemblages

I have long been attracted to the sweep and majesty of fabric depicted in Classic Greek and particularly Renaissance sculpture. I employ recycled paper and other materials to create works that have a three-dimensional quality. These canvases often intrigue and invite the viewer to engage in a conversation that is as multi-layered, or subdued, as the work itself.


Street Demonstrations

The subjects of these demonstrations were as wide-ranging as were the imaginative forms of self-expression. Some were well organized and heavily financed, others were clearly spur-of-the-moment but no less important or serious.


The Kitchen Sink Series

The images say something about the remnants of our everyday lives—what we re-cycle, what we waste, and what we cherish.


Retro Redux

The challenge for the viewer is to see beyond the periphery of the “American Dream” and embrace the complicated affair that exists at the edge of nostalgia and race.


Fall Forward

For several decades I’ve been photographing people on the streets of majors U.S. cities. Regardless of whether it’s a 35mm or a digital camera, I’ve held it low and away; mimicking a child’s point-of-view ‘observing’ people nearby. As with any semi-candid approach, one captures fleeting moments that can be as banal as they can be insightful. And, just as frequently the images engender questions about who were are, how we feel about and express ourselves, and what is and is not a “good photograph.”



One is struck by the fragility and strength of nature. And so close to the edge of development and sprawl, it is a fitting reminder of how close we all are to the edge of existence.